RB Kanangra Landscapes, Kincoppal Apartments Elizabeth Bay

Kincoppal-Rose Bay Landscaping SydneyWorking on such a highly visible landmark Sydney property, the landscaping had to be in keeping with the history of the buildings, the steep site and the scale of the property.

Ray at RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney has totally redesigned the gardens of Kincoppal Apartments from the entrance to the foreshore and has been maintaining the grounds since 1998. The entire waterfront was replanted with native plants to improve the natural animal habitat and Ray oversaw the upgrade to the irrigation system adding 30,000 litres of water tanks to collect and use rainwater. 

Ray's expertise was called upon 17 years ago to tend to the historic and rare plants and he has continued to beautify and add value to the extensive gardens since then. 

12 years ago a soil borne fungal disease went through the gardens called Cinnamon phytopra. After some plants started dying the experts' advised drenching the soil with a highly expensive and toxic fungicide.  Ray suggested changing the plants to those that are not affected by this disease. 

The result was a huge success as it changed the theme of the garden to a sub tropical theme which everybody loved. 

RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney then won 2 first prizes in the Sydney City Council garden awards for multi housing. 

See the landscaping photo gallery of Kincoppal Apartments Elizabeth Bay below.