Sydney Landscaping Apprenticeships and Careers
Careers with RB Kanangra Landscapes
Are you looking for a new job/career in landscaping? Or landscaping apprenticeships in Sydney?

If you feel unappreciated, underpaid, the boss is critical, staff are stressed or you are bored with your job, then keep reading.

A Culture of Caring and Learning
Ray of RB Kanangra Landscapes has created a company culture where staff are cared for and are constantly learning and growing.  Keeping good staff in Sydney is important and the way to do that is to treat them well. 

Staff member RB Kanangra Landscapes SydneyJulia Day -
Ray is a very fair boss and always a nice guy, open minded and a true gentleman. He trusts and respects you. Ray does not micromanage.  He expects exactly the same from himself as from you. I learned a lot about team playing, about not letting the team down. 
A Happy Place to Work
Stressful workplaces can bring out the worst in even the nicest people, so Ray makes sure that staff feel appreciated and trusted and are happy working for him. It’s OK to have a laugh and a joke when you are out there, working hard. Ray knows his priorities plus it’s the best way to be productive.
Julia Day, RB Kanangra Landscapes Sydney
Julia Day -
Ray is very understanding, which is important when you have so much to learn.  He really makes time for you. 

Fair Pay for Your Work
Ray knows you won’t get the best out of staff if they can’t afford to live.  Sydney is expensive. Staff are paid fairly for their hard work. Apprentices are paid above award wages and are expected to quickly become part of the team, learning and contributing every day.

Julia Day, RB Kanangra Landscapes SydneyJulia Day -  
Ray is a very fair boss and really cares about the staff. 

Interesting Work
Constructing and maintaining high quality residential projects, innovative landscape designs and communal strata gardens means that every project is interesting.
Maintenance for RB Kanangra doesn’t mean weeding, moving the lawn and trimming hedges.  Ray’s expertise in knowing how to put plants together means that maintenance always involves upgrading and beautifying gardens, caring for plant and tree health and looking ahead to when plants mature.

RB Kanangra Landscapes testimonial by Julia DayJulia Day - Ray is extremely knowledgeable.  I learned amazing things from Ray.  He is a problem solver and every job has its own solution.  I have not met anyone with more plant knowledge.  We were often digging up other people's mistakes.

RB Kanangra Landscapes is Growing
If you would like to learn more about working for RB Kanangra Landscapes as an Apprentice, Contractor or Casual, please call Ray Basha on 0417 473 273 to see what positions are currently available.

Landscaping Apprenticeships
Ray encourages all his staff to complete their landscaping apprenticeships at TAFE.  He takes pride in mentoring apprentices to help them develop personally.  He will take the time to teach you thoroughly and has exceptional knowledge and passion for all aspects of landscaping design, construction and gardening. The knowledge you gain here will be with you always.

Landscaping Sydney Staff WantedGordon Boath -
Ray is a very fair boss, patient and tolerant with people learning and with no unrealistic expectations. His best quality is that is he is willing to invest time and effort in your personal development if you are starting out. He is a mentor and a coach and shows real leadership.  Ray will work towards your independence and give you individual attention. He is easygoing with a lot of knowledge that he loves to impart as Ray’s focus is on developing people.  It’s what Ray’s interested in apart from his passion for gardens.

RB Kananagra Landscapes Sydney - Julia Day testimonialJulia Day - Ray helped me graduate.   I learned how to do amazing things from Ray as he can do construction, bricklaying and carpentry, the lot. Ray has extraordinary knowledge.  Especially in landscaping and plant knowledge. The quality of the work and his standards are very high. We were often digging up other peoples’ mistakes but Ray is a real problem solver. Most importantly he is very understanding which you need when you are learning a trade as there is so much to learn.

Experienced Landscapers
RB Kanangra Landscapes has a great reputation for quality landscape construction as well as soft planting.  There is a degree of prestige in working for a company which wins large contracts in affluent areas of Sydney. A large part of the work requirement is completely restructuring gardens into usable, livable and beautiful landscapes which will invite the owners outdoors.  This is both interesting and exciting to be part of, and always involves the wow factor.

Maintenance is not just weeding, mowing and trimming. Ray will always beautify as he goes, shaping the garden as it matures, with subtle plant, colour and form combinations.  There is always something to learn as you go.

RB Kanangra Landscapes Sydney Soft Planting DesignGordon Boath - staff member
There is a degree of prestige working for Ray because his reputation for high quality work precedes him in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  The jobs are interesting and more meaningful, working on both design and construction as well as maintenance and upgrading gardens. We have worked on prestige properties all over Sydney.