Landscaping Sydney Testimonials
Customer & Staff Testimonials  2015

I would like to offer my humble thanks to clients and staff who not only appreciate what we do at RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney, but have taken the time to give extensive feedback on our services.
Raymon Basha, RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney

Landscaping for Architects and Builders

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I am writing to express my appreciation for the work of Ray Basha of R.B Kanangra Landscapes. Over the past 6 years R.B. Kanangra have successfully carried out Landscaping works as part of our building projects. Special mention is for his amazing work on our project at Palm Beach which required a lot of tiered planting and complex watering systems with maintenance of plants continuing after the project had completed. In our opinion Ray is highly professional, knowledgeable and pays attention to the small things. He is the only Landscaper we recommend with confidence. He has provided us with an excellent service in the past and we are delighted to continue working with him in the future.
Nick Musarevski

Residential Landscaping for Homeowners
Karen Hayne, Mosman
When I was looking for a garden landscaper for my home in Mosman, Sydney, my main concern was cost and being led in a direction I didn’t want.  I received quotes from other landscapers which weren’t practical in terms of design and ignored my wishes for a low maintenance garden.  The quotes were also above my budget.
Ray of RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney instead came up with a practical, cost-effective landscaping solution which we loved then and still do now, years later. He came up with beautiful plant suggestions and garden design ideas that work. We got a beautiful, practical garden which has since flourished even more, because Ray is invested in it; he really cares about his gardens.  People still walk by and tell us what a beautiful garden we have.
I absolutely trust Ray to give good value. He will never over service.  He is very practical, reliable and again I stress that he really is cost-effective. In terms of design he will steer you in a direction that works and limit your mistakes. On top of that Ray really is a lovely, genuine person.

Sue Woodward, Mosman

While searching for someone who could landscape my garden, I was conscious of budget and I was lucky enough to be referred by my neighbour to Ray of RB Kanangra Landscapes, Sydney.

Ray is always proactive with affordable, practical ideas that don't bust your budget.  He has a good understanding of every person’s budget and the potential of the garden. Ray comes up with great landscaping solutions because he really knows about plants and takes a vested long term interest in the gardens he creates.

I totally trust Ray to give good value.  He is just honest. He only does things that are really needed and doesn’t overcharge.  He will always ask for my authority. Maintenance has been affordable since then and has kept my garden looking its best.

Ray is reliable, a good communicator, and always leaves the place immaculate which I really appreciate. 

Strata Properties, Company Title, Communal Gardens

Edward Huntley
Chairman & Company Secretary
Glenhurst Gardens Limited

“Ray Basha of RB Kanangra Landscapes has been attending to our extensive, (over 1,800 square metres) well-established gardens at Glenhurst Gardens, Darling Point, Sydney for over 13 years. We rely on Ray’s expert advice & work on the plants, soils, lawns & other garden features around our property. 
Glenhurst Gardens has one of the largest, mature gardens in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, with a great variety of trees, shrubs, flowers & garden beds, some of them dating back over 100 years, that require expert care & maintenance.
Ray works well with our Arborist, our Building Manager & the Board of Glenhurst Gardens in discussing plant & landscaping ideas. His gardeners attend each week with little need of direction in carrying out their work that is carried out to a high standard.

 We have always been happy to recommend RB Kanangra Landscapes to others. This includes managers of neighbouring properties, who have enquired about his services, having seen Ray’s landscaping & garden maintenance work on the Glenhurst property first-hand.
Ray’s personal attention to detail on-site & his prompt communication with Glenhurst Management are also appreciated." 

David Blacklock - Strata Committee - Alexandria

Undertaking a multi-million dollar building and landscaping renovation, the most important thing to us on the strata committee was to find someone in sync. with what we were trying to achieve and tune in to the whole project. The landscaping was just one part of the major project with so many other contractors to co-ordinate. It was a unanimous decision to employ Ray as we could see his passion for all his landscaping and other major strata projects and we trusted him.  We immediately decided to use
RB Kanangra Landscapes for all ongoing works.  

Ray supervised the contractors putting in the irrigation and getting access to site. The key thing with builders is to work well with them. Everybody loves Ray. I would be surprised if he didn’t get other jobs through working with all the people there. Ray's staff made sure the tenants weren't inconvenienced in any way and Ray always did things when he said he would, even meeting us at 6.30am and weekends if that was the only time we were available.

What we found could be grouped into 3 main areas:
1. The recommendations he makes are in the best interest of the client. He doesn’t just churn out the same ideas time and again. Ray takes on board what you want to achieve and comes up with a bespoke solution.
2. Ray keeps an awareness of budget and costs top of mind, offering cheaper options where necessary and kept us informed at every stage so there were no suprises.  
3. I just feel you can trust him implicitly. If anything else needed to be done there was no hesitation in agreeing as we knew it would be worth it and very reasonable. 
Since the job was finished we have had extremely positive comments.  The plants have settled in and grown and also look amazing at night as Ray co-ordinated with the lighting plans.  His attention to detail even ran to measuring plant heights across the different areas and promptly rescuing our older, ailing plants.

From a strata perspective you will get immense value for money out of Ray which is critical for strata.  He works well with all parties and what he does takes into account costs, other contractors and tenants. I defy anyone to do a better job in terms of what they deliver and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

Brad Garlick, Brad Garlick Ford
I have been using and highly recommending the services of Ray Basha of RB Kanangra Landscapes for many years now.  Ray is just an amazing gardener.  He’s been landscaping and maintaining the gardens for all my businesses, homes, and the buildings we now live in.  When I refer Ray to friends and family, I know they will be fantastically happy.

Ray is absolutely good value and won’t use your life savings. His prices are very reasonable. I trust him implicitly. His gardens are sophisticated and well laid out at realistic prices.

Ray makes a complicated job simple. He is a ‘thinking gardener’.  He has amazing knowledge, continually comes up with great design solutions and brings enormous knowledge and experience which is great for a lay person like me.  

Ray will help you through a painful process and maintain the garden perfectly afterwards. The hard part – the decision making and designing are all done for you if that’s what you want.  You can just show him your plot of dirt and sand and Ray will come up with great landscaping suggestions. Otherwise, bring him your ideas and he will help you create the garden you want.

Ray is an artist.  He is easily able to adjust so that his landscaping design and construction perfectly fits the area that it’s in to create beautiful gardens. You should see Ray’s work.  Every garden is so different, not at all standard. 

On top of that Ray is reliable, available and has great people skills which is very important when it comes to demanding tenants of strata units.  Ray deals with them all and keeps them happy. 

To sum up, I am very happy to recommend Ray Basha. He has outstanding landscaping design and construction skills; his people skills are excellent and most importantly his prices are very reasonable.

Staff Testimonials
Julia Day, former staff member
Ray of RB Landscapes, Sydney is a very fair boss and always a nice guy; open minded and a true gentleman. He trusts and respects the staff and always makes time for them while learning, being understanding and patient. This is important when you are learning a trade as there is so much to learn. We were not micromanaged; Ray shared his knowledge but you had to think and take responsibility. He is one of the good guys, a ‘top bloke’ though I hate to use that expression.  It really applies here.

I learned a lot about team playing from working for RB Kanangra Landscapes, about not letting the team down. Ray wouldn’t expect more from you than he expected of himself but we worked hard and were happy to. Ray was meticulous and clean.  He always gave plenty of time on the job to stop work and clean the garden up.  He drilled the importance of how clients perceive things.

Ray helped me graduate TAFE.   Ray could do it all: design, construction, bricklaying and carpentry. The quality of the work and his standards are very high. Ray has extraordinary knowledge.  Especially in landscaping, I have not since met anyone with more plant knowledge. His niche is Australian natives but he has such an interest in the soft side of gardening that he can do all styles.

I learned how to do amazing things from Ray as we were often digging up other peoples’ mistakes. Ray is a real problem solver.  There were never any customer issues as Ray would fix anything on the spot, whatever it took. Ray is essentially an artist but very modest.  He designs like a painting.  After 2 years his gardens just look better and better.  

I absolutely recommend working for Ray. You will learn so much working for this honest, modest, fair minded man and work in an environment of understanding, caring and trust.

Gordon Boath, Staff member
I have worked for Ray of RB Kanangra Landscapes for many years now. I had just completed my Landscape Gardeners Trade Certificate and was looking for a boss who could be flexible as I had other irregular shift work as a professional fireman. 

I really enjoy the working environment at RB Kanangra Landscapes.  There is the social aspect as Ray is a nice guy, easygoing, honest, flexible and understanding. The days just go really fast.  

Ray has personality and a professional approach. He is a very fair boss, patient and tolerant with people learning and with no unrealistic expectations.  His best quality is that is he is willing to invest time and effort in your personal development if you are starting out. He is a mentor and a coach and shows real leadership.  Ray will work towards your independence and give you individual attention. He is easygoing with a lot of knowledge that he loves to impart as Ray’s focus is on developing people.  It’s what Ray’s interested in apart from his passion for gardens.

Ray is a natural designer and especially knows about the planting (soft) side of landscaping. His knowledge of plants is vast and concentrated on plant species.  Ray knows how to do complementary planting in terms of colour and form.  He knows about foliage and putting themes together – which plants suit the themes.

I am in awe of Ray’s plant and soil knowledge.  Ray taught me more about plants than I learned in TAFE.  He does research on plants himself.  Each year he goes to Melbourne to see shows with floral landscape displays.  He is very much in touch with his own development.  Ray experiments with combining new plants (cultivars) which are developed in laboratories and sold to wholesale nurseries. 

There is a degree of prestige working for Ray because his reputation for high quality work precedes him in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  The jobs are interesting and more meaningful, working on both design and construction as well as maintenance and upgrading gardens. We have worked on prestige properties all over Sydney.